Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

At long last, I can cross off the oldest un-done thing on my list, the one I consider more important than any other. Last Thursday before leaving for vacation, hubby and I finally, finally signed (in a million places), sealed (got stamped by a notary) and delivered (to the appropriate relatives) our wills, living wills and healthcare proxies. Yeah!!!

I'll admit, writing a will at first seemed morbid, which is what delayed us to begin with. But, once we sat down to talk about it (specifically, who gets the kids), we really agreed on everything. The rest was just a matter of drafting the documents (hubby is a lawyer and the software is on our home computer... we just "never got around to it") and getting them signed. What a relief to know that everything will be taken care of if, God forbid, something should happen. Plus, isn't it Murphy's Law that says that now that I have a will, I'll never need it?

Not sure what I'll put on the list to replace this Thing... I have a couple of ideas kicking around in my head (I'm thinking "redecorate the guest room" as my top choice right now) but like Julie, part of me feels like there's something else I'm supposed to be adding to this list, I just haven't realized what it is yet. Stay tuned...