Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Things 8, 10 & 11

Thing 8: Be a non-smoker
Almost 7 weeks and still going strong. I AM SUPERGIRL!!!

Thing 10: Finish 1 more quilt (L&T)

*NEW* Thing 11: Sort, organize, label and back-up pictures on home PC
Yes, I know... "Make 1 more quilt" was supposed to go on my list 2 more times, but quite frankly, I'm sick of making these quilts! Well, that, and I don't know how to even find the other 2 people who are supposed to get those 2 quilts, so I'm not making them until I know I can actually deliver them. So, instead, I will add the much needed, long overdue sorting, organizing, labeling and backing up of every picture I've taken in the past 4 years. Fingers crossed that my hard drive doesn't decide to explode before I get around to this one!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Thing 5: Donate my unused clothes to charity
Soooooo close to complete on this one. Last weekend I finished sorting through my closet and donated 102 items. My husband says that's more than he even owns. (Note: It is not me who is counting this stuff... my husband insists on inventorying everything so he can be "honest and accurate" on the receipt so he can deduct this on our taxes, **sigh**.) However.... I still have to sort through my dresser drawers, so I'm not crossing this off quite yet....

Thing 7: Install chair rail & paint daughter's room
In my head, this project is complete (and quite beautiful, I might add!). I have picked the paint colors and bedding (well, I think I have the bedding.... to Disney Princess or not to Disney Princess? That, my friends, is the question.). However, I am waiting until the weekend of November 10 (hubby will be in Oakland for a football game) to actually do the painting and chair rail. (Trust me, the farther away he is from my project, the more smoothly it will go!)

Thing 8: Be a Non-Smoker
Four weeks ago today I had my last cigarette. No cheating, not even once... though I had a huge meal at a work-sponsored dinner on Tuesday and would have cut off my left arm in trade for a smoke on the ride home. But alas, I did not, and my left arm is happy that I didn't. Turns out that months 2 and 3 of the meds cost even MORE than month 1 -- up to $127/month now, yikes!! I really feel like it's not doing anything to help me (I still get cravings), but I couldn't justify stopping it after only 1 of 3 recommended months. However, I have no plans to take month 3... we'll see how I'm feeling when this month's supply runs out in 3 weeks, though.

Thing 10: Finish 1 more quilt (L&T)
I'm stuck on this one. The top of the quilt is done, I just have to quilt it now. But, my hubby's cousin had a baby and so did my friend from work, so this Thing got put on hold while I made those two. Plus, I'm not even sure where to find this mom to mail her quilt to her... I sent her a letter to her last known address and haven't heard back. Not much point in rushing to finish this one (or the two I plan to put after it on my list) if I can't get it to her anyway, right? (Yes, I'm justifying.)

I need to finish something soon, though... I already know what my next Thing is going to be, and very little gets done anymore if it's not a Thing on my list!